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THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR-Talking about food… September 10, 2011

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar lends itself to a variety of subjects and lessons..

- STORY TELLING IDEAS :Before opening the book, ask them to look at the cover and make 
some predictions. What do they think the story is about? What do they
already know about caterpillars? Read pages one through three to students and then stop, 
covering up page four. What do the students predict now? What types of food might 
the caterpillar be looking for?What happens while the caterpillar is in
the cocoon?After fi nishing the story, 
ask students to think about what would happen next if the book continued. 
What adventures might
the butterfl y encounter? Would he still be hungry? If so, what would he eat?

- SCIENCE...CONOC DEL MEDIO IDEAS...Discuss the concept of metamorphosis with your students. Focus on defi ning unfamiliar vocabulary. Explain what
a cocoon is, what caterpillars and butterfl ies actually eat, 
and which species live in your area.


ESTE LIBRO ES UN CLÁSICO , ya lo trabaje en UK en mi escuela
 y ahora lo hago para enseñar inglés, 
hay múltiples recursos en Internet tanto de la editorial tanto como de profesores, 
he simplemente elegido lo que me parece más adecuado 
para mi aula actual y mis objetivos.
Fuentes hay múltiples ,
trabaja tu creatividad como profesor y 
te sorprenderá el juego que da este cuento.

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